Multiverse? No, just a loop-hole will do.

Cup of coffee, eggs and toast, Saturday morning, own office, perfect time for writing, no? Ermm not so much. One still must attend to everyday life. What kind of idiot created everyday life, anyway? It wouldn’t be someone I’d invite to a dinner party, or even meet up for drinks with. Okay, I’d probably meet up for drinks with them seeing as they DID, presumably, create the universe – albeit a shitty job (This isn’t meant to offend anyone religious. Each to their own, eh? *smiles* )
I’d specifically ask them why they didn’t create a ‘get out clause’ other than death. It’d be perfect for those writers who need more time to write. Seeing as writing is predominantly a poor man’s pursuit, and that’s simply because the monetary rewards for writing are next to nothing. Surely there should be a loop-hole in which we can step outside current reality and go to a place where time does not pass or even exist.

In that place, we can go into our little loop-hole and write as much as we want. Imagine that! In a week’s time you could have written and edited an entire novel. Over the course of the year you could write up to 26 novels or more if your some sort of masochist (Do you have that many stories in you? If so, good for you!). Would you be more successful than you are now? I think so.

Well, now I’ve made myself miserable for even conceiving of such a place. I guess I should go do my chores, shopping, spend time with the important people in my life. I mean that’s what the weekend is for, right?  All the while I just want to write. My motivation to write is so strong that days go by and I’ve forgotten to maintain basic hygiene habits. Although admittedly, I set my phone alarm to remind me that I too need to be human.

And Mr Universe Creator, yeah you, why didn’t you create justice? Hey? Didn’t think of that did you? If you had of, writers would be paid at least minimum wage. And all books with carefully constructed literary works would make the millions, and ‘off-the-cuff’ first time authors writing teen fantasy with questionable pros and way too much teenage angst would have to struggle to hone their craft. Just like the rest of us do! Please don’t assume I am against stories like Twilight and Harry Potter — I’m not. Well done to them. And Harry Potter is an enjoyable character. But let’s face it, those authors are just good at telling stories. Since when did it require more than that anyway?

Anyway, I’m off to manage my reality. Will I write today? Looks like a no. *pouty face* But definitely tomorrow. No-one can take my writing Sundays away from me damn it *shakes fist*.

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