Do I have story commitment issues?

I have many stories on the go and sometimes I get sick of working on one story and start to lose passion for it. I then work on something else and find down the track, my passion for that previous story is reignited. This usually occurs in the editing stage: the one after the first-draft has been written.
Right now I’ve swapped from The Sultan’s Lie to a 15k word story called Untameable. Untametable is also in the editing stage and should be ready for submission as a short story, or novella, after this edit.

Untameable is set in a fantasy world called The Ostonan Realm where Zek, a gifted animal trainer and farm boy is asked to travel to the Dastopyan mountains — about three days walk from his families farm — to capture and begin to domesticate an animal called the Lazra. The Lazra are fierce predators with the body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion, something akin to a Mantacore, but with a lion’s head instead of a humans.

I particularly enjoy this story, I know I’m biased, but I don’t feel like the stories I write are mine. I feel like I channel stories, or I connect with some sort of alternative story universe that has a rip in its metaphysical fabric causing stories to pop into my mind.


It’s a great sound, but boy when your mind goes pop, you get your fingers busy on a keyboard or you’ll lose that story. And sometimes it’s like trying to make sense of a faint whisper. Other times it’s a loud bellow and all you can do is become enraptured as characters and worlds take shape in your mind. It’s a wonderful experience and one I’ll never get tired of.

Anyway, did I mention that I managed to catch up on sleep. I’m still somewhat sleep deprived, but sane Kylie is back in the ‘writing-saddle’, so to speak. Molly still continues her anxious adaption to her new environment, and I struggle to get her out of her many hidey holes, but I suspect the dance will continue for another month or so, yet.

Anyway, enjoy your week/weekend!


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