The Writing Gods Have Spoken

No, I don’t actually believe there are writing gods. But if there were, they’re definitely a bunch of artistic types with volatile emotions and crazy minds.

But thankfully, one of those gods decided I was the right person to speak to. At 5am yesterday morning, a time before the guy next door starts the damn cement mixer (he’s building a house), I woke to the that feeling. You know that feeling, right? Oh yes you do! If you’re a writer, there’s that feeling you get, something meaningful, something that calls to you and tells you there’s a story brewing, or a story that’s ready to be told and you latch on tight ready to pull it down from the ‘writing heavens’.

I don’t mean it to sound so spiritual. But hey, how else am I going to describe ‘feeling’ to you?

For the next hour I lay in the dark thinking. And thinking. And thinking.

I knew I had to write this part, and that part. But how? How would I make it work?

Later that day I went to the doctor. It’s one of those walk-in-no-appointment-necessary clinics. Ones that make you wait about an hour or two. I had my kindle with me, but there was no way I could read another author’s narrative at that point.

My mind was way too occupied with the  thoughts that splashed into my mind and willed me to think, think and think. A new story requires a lot of attention.

And so yesterday I wrote out the first chapter. I was in sweet channeling heaven listening to ‘Two Steps from Hell’s’ album ‘Dreams and Imaginations’. And I felt as if I’d been immersed into that wonderful warm glow of a flow state.

Ah yes, when a new story speaks to you it is like welcoming a new child into the world. You have to listen, be attentive, and ultimately, you have to care for your little creation that will one day grow up and be an independent ‘thing’. Something bigger than you and that is a humbling and deeply satisfying experience.


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  1. E. Raven July 18, 2012 at 2:55 am

    Yes, I know the feeling. It’s like getting hit with lightening in your sleep. And then you get this feeling of a low rumbling thunder in your gut.

    • kjcolt July 18, 2012 at 3:07 am

      I totally agree. It’s quite an experience. As I said in my post I’m not a very spiritual person, but if I wasn’t aware of things like science and critical thinking/empiricism…I’d probably believe there were writing gods 🙂