Furious Typer

Not furious as in angry. Furious as in, ‘wow, I’m writing a lot these days.’

So today I wrote an entire chapter. 6,500 words to be exact. In almost 8 days I’ve managed to finish… *does quick calculations* 28,000 words. I put my head down sometime around 9:30am and I’ve only just looked up now, it’s 2:36pm. Five hours of writing doesn’t feel like much until I stop and realise just how exhausted I am.

Adenine is an interesting character. She’s rather depressing at times and sometimes I want to give her a good shake, but then I realise that she just doesn’t have much common sense, and so I excuse her folly. As she discovers wonderous and terrible things about herself, though, she is maturing — and quickly too.

I can’t wait to write my synopsis of Part 1 and post it to this blog. I suspect it’s going to be a long story. It’s probably going to be larger than the typical 90- 120k words, so it might even span two or three novels.

But four chapters, FOUR CHAPTERS? Feels like I have so far to go! I did some calculations, though, if I continue at this rate I’ll have written 100k words (a novel) in a about 24 – 35 days. Writing at this pace is exhausting, and I just hope I don’t lose steam.

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