Monthly Archives: July 2012

Writing And More Writing

So, Adenine, my new novel, is now about 20k words in. I’ve amost finished chapter three, but I need to… Continue reading »

Designing My Own Book Cover?

As a writer, all you do most of the time (I hope!) is write, right? 🙂 But today I was… Continue reading »

Note To Self

“Get into the habit of pressing ‘Save Draft’ instead of pressing ‘Publish’. And only press publish when your content has… Continue reading »

To Part Publish Or Not To Part Publish.

So, I’ve finished part 1 of a series I plan on releasing to Amazon soon. It’s 1 of 9 story… Continue reading »

The Writing Gods Have Spoken

No, I don’t actually believe there are writing gods. But if there were, they’re definitely a bunch of artistic types… Continue reading »