Chapter Progression

Chapter eight has begun — half way through now 🙂

Chapter seven was very difficult to write and I’ve found my 8000 words a day writing speed is slowing. I’m trying to remember the different threads I’ve begun in the book so I can continue them in later chapters. To help myself I went online, bought ‘stick-it’ notes,  and now intend to make myself a little ‘book-shrine-wall’.


Something like this to keep track.

(this is not my picture, all rights belong to creator)

But I do wonder if this is a procrastination monster rearing its ugly head. But a writer analyses and I suspect this is me analysing the analysing the … well… you get the idea.

Anyway, back to writing and plotting and … spending way too much time on Kindle Boards. 😛

That reminds me, I should put up a picture of the map I drew of Adenine’s town, the Senya Province and how it shows the Ruxor Province (North of Senya) and Bivinia Province (South).

I know gripping your seat, stamping your feet and screaming at the computer screen in excitement at the idea of seeing a map of my ‘novel world’. I don’t like to disappoint, so I’ll make sure to take a picture and upload it sometime this week.

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