Editing and Revising


So I made a goal to wait three days before I started revising my novel. It’s two days later and I fear if I wait any longer I will go crazy. So today, I am going to go through, on paper, each chapter, one by one and improve on my novel. I know this is a necessary part of the novel writing process, but I do suspect it will be the more difficult aspect of the process.

How long will it take me to edit and revise?

Well, so long as I can keep my perfectionistic tendencies under control, maybe two weeks,  maybe three? Anyway, my goal is to get this darned book finished so I can begin writing my next book.

My next book will require a new pen name since it’s written in a very different genre. So while you won’t  hear anything about it on this blog, perhaps you’ll stumble upon it one day.

*Collects makers, red pens, blue pens, prints out hundreds of pages and gets to revising*


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