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I’ve Finished the First-Draft of my Novel!

You are reading it here first before anyone else knows. I’ve finished! Woooo! It’s only the first draft but I’m… Continue reading »

Chapter 10: The End is Drawing Nigh.

Well, well. I thought this was going to be a 16 chapter novel, but it seems the end is coming… Continue reading »

Poll: Is My Blog Picture Dorky?

Yes, I am talking about the stack of books balanced on my head. [polldaddy poll=6457355]

The Loneliest Job In The World

Lonelyyyy, I am so lonelyyy…*sings* You should be very grateful that singing in text doesn’t affect your ears 🙂 Although… Continue reading »

Chapter Progression

Chapter eight has begun — half way through now 🙂 Chapter seven was very difficult to write and I’ve found… Continue reading »