2013 February already? Yay!




Yes little adorable kitty, I am. I really really am. *wipes away tear*

So far this year I’ve been on two holidays, been to three music festivals, gained a new roommate and have been cracking the whip on my writing. At the moment I’m writing 5000 words a day, or 2 chapters. I intend to keep this up 7 days a week and maybe letting myself off 1 chapter here and there. I have the enthusiasm of a new writer with none of the jadedness and am determined to use that energy to its potential.

Right now my manuscript, currently named Concealed Power (Book 1 of the Healers of Meligna series) and previously named Adenine, is being read by two proofreaders. Concealed Power is booked in for cover art design and formatting in May and the release date is set for April 5th. Since I’m new at all this I’m still working out the most efficient way to get editors, artists and ‘formatters’, lined up. Soon it will be on a publishing platform near you (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Itunes, etc). I’ll give specifics closer to the date.

I was working on the second novel in the series, but have decided to write a novella. It’s been nagging at me for a while and it’s based on one of the characters from Concealed Power. So TOTALLY RELATED. Her name is Klawdia and the book will probably be called Klawdia. Creative, I know. Once I’ve completed the first draft I’ll devise a blurb and post it to my blog, FB and link Twitter to it. All those social networking activities that proves I’m a responsible business owner.

Why has the novella taken priority? Because I’m making it FREE! Permanently!

It’s important that readers can sample a taste of my writing before they commit to purchasing a novel. And also, I just LOVE to get my stories out there and have people enjoy them. That’s why I do what I do. So far my biggest fans are people I know. I need to throw awesome, quirky strangers like YOU into that mix!

Book two of the Healers of Meligna series should be released in June. I’m hoping it’s released sooner, but right now I’m finding my footing and challenging my limits. That’s what Ghandi said we should do. No? Well, I bet I can find a quote for it (or make one up in photoshop: challenge accepted).

So, things I can promise you:

Klawdia will be out next month! And it WILL be totally free!

I can guarantee that Concealed Power will be out in April!
I promise to post all cover art up for you to drool over. Okay okay, for me to drool over.


Your magical world dweller,


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