Bear Heart is Now Free!

Bear Heart is now available for free on KOBO

I’ve also hosted it for free download on Rapidshare. You can get the Kindle version here and the Nook/Kobo version here. 

I’m still trying to get Amazon to price match to free. If you want to thank me for the free download, you can go to Amazon’s Bear Heart listing and let them know that it’s free everywhere else. Below is a picture tutorial of how to do this.

Go to this link


Click on the link ‘tell us about a lower price?’
See the next image.



Copy and paste this URL  into the section called ‘Website Url’

Follow the rest of the instructions on the image.

This means that Klawdia will become free to all Kindle users and anyone that reads ebooks from Amazon. If you’re feeling really generous, and you want to make my day, after you’ve read the Beart Heart novel I’d love it if you could leave an honest review telling other readers what you thought.

Thanks so much and happy reading!

Kylie 🙂
Then set the pric

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