The Healers of Meligna, Book #3


Hello everybody,


Well, after publishing Blood Healing, I’m back into first draft writing which I consider to be the Strawberries and Cream of the writing/publishing process. Recently, I did a promotion and made quite a few sales and also the first book in the series, Concealed Power, ended up on the kindles of a lot of readers. So I’m happy about that.

So today, I’m working on book #3, and boy, I am SO SO excited. So many foundations have been laid in the first two books that I can hardly contain the overwhelming flood of emotions I’m feeling about this next book. I’m currently writing the synopsis, which is the very first thing I do before writing the first draft, and I can tell you right now, the stuff coming out of my head is blowing me away.

It’s weird isn’t it, that I can be impressed with what’s arriving in my mind? Almost sounds arrogant. But to be very honest, the creative process makes me, the artist, feel as if I’m channeling the story, not ‘making it up’. It’s such a deeply profound experience, and such a seemingly spiritual one (not religious, spiritual) that it doesn’t feel like I have any ownership to it. I don’t see myself as some creative wonder, I merely see myself as equipped with the skills to describe the images/ideas that come into my head :–)

Anyway, enough waffling on about that, let’s talk about the plot. Adenine. Poor, poor Adenine. You know, when I first started writing this series I did want to write about a tortured sort of soul, but I NEVER intended for her to be THIS tortured. Life doesn’t exactly get easier for Adenine, but she does do greater things. Things she never imagined she would do. For those who’ve read Blood Healing, you can see the potential for her greatness, can’t you?

For those who have read Blood Healing, forget what you think is going to happen and just know that whatever you imagined, it’s going to be 20 X bigger and more awesome than that!

I’ve come to accept, that while the first book is quite small in scope, the point of getting to know Adenine so deeply in that first book [is] to see her grow into a strong, powerful and intelligent young woman. Her determination  to do what is right, good and just, is the driving force behind all her actions. She overcomes so much fear, self-loathing, hatred, trauma  and suffering to save her country. She matures at such a rapid rate it makes my head spin. She isn’t allowed to be a ‘regular teenager’ (well, as regular as you can get in medieval times).

I’ve always found that fantasy isn’t about magic, it’s about how that magic is used. And while Adenine’s power isn’t all that astounding, it’s what she does with it that counts. Adenine changes the course of history for Ruxdor, Senya and Bivinia. When you think back to her insignificant life in the attic bedroom, in her home in Borrelia, it’s amazing that her actions have the enormous impact that they do.

Writing these books, I realise that my own actions can have a domino effect on the lives of others, and I’m even more determine to be kind, considerate, compassionate, and giving to those around me.

Best wishes to you all, and thank you for supporting my work.

KJ Colt

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  1. Maike Becker September 2, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    “… forget what you think is going to happen…” – in my opinion this sentence belongs at the end of every chapter of your books 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to this upcoming book! It has been quite an exciting adventure up until now.
    You have this great gift to tell this stories as if all these persons really exist.

    Thank you so far!