Book Four in the Healers of Meligna Series. Warning, Spoilers!

So here’s the proof, I just wrote the first few paragraphs for chapter one. Want a look? These are unedited and written 5 minutes ago. My first drafts are getting cleaner as I develop as a writer.

(Book Yet Unnamed)
Chapter One

As we skimmed the underside of the cloud bank, my heart hammered in my ears. Dread, excitement, power; three fervent feelings that set my body on fire. I am Sala’s rider. I can lead Bivinia.

The pegan’s wings pounded the frigid mountain air. Each of her silvery white feathers stitched together to form the perfect instrument of flight. As we veered left, I tightened my grasp on Eiridan’s side, afraid I might slip from the beast.

‘Isn’t this amazing, Adenine?’ the prince shouted over his shoulder. ‘Wooo! We did it Adenine!’ Eiridan raised one hand into the sky in premature celebration, unaware of the disappointment that lay ahead.

‘Be careful!’ I said. If I fell from this height, I would surely splatter against the sharp rocks below. No amount of special healing blood could fix that.


I’ve finished plotting the book so I know what I’m going to write now, save a few things I will likely change as the story progresses and more exciting ideas pop into my head. I just want you to all see what I’m working on now.

I hope you are excited, this book will conclude this series making it a quartet…

Depending on sales and popularity, I have a trilogy in mind that will continue from this last book. I actually think the trilogy will be even better than this series, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see if you, my readers, want more of Adenine’s world.

Happy reading!

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