May, 2016 Update

Greetings all,

**Excuse typos, this post was written hastily.

I’m deep in writing books and look the part of shabby author today, so no V-log!

To those who keep asking. Book #5 in the Healers Series has an expected release date of December, 2016. It follows on into the next series called The Princesses of Arcania. Which is a kind of spoiler for the end of Book #4, but it doesn’t tell too much now, does it? *smile*

I’m currently three chapters into Savage, book #3 in the Klawdia series (6,000 words). This is where Margan and Klawdia come into contact with the hidden tribe in the mountains and meet the Vuglugs for the first time. This book will contain Nallael’s birth! This book may be a longer book than Refuge given the intensity of what needs to be written. I’m guessing about 75,000 words: a novel.

Lastly I’m writing another Klawdia book called Frozen Huntress, I’m about 25,000 words through the first draft for that one as well. Although this book is written in first person, and Klawdia narrates it, we get to see a lot of Capacia in this story. There’ll also be a doubling up of information you already know from the healers series since it will be a prequel to the healers and to Klawdia’s story. It will likely be 55,000 words give or take: a novel.

Savage and Frozen Huntress should be out before October. I’m hoping for an end of June release for one of them (whoever makes it to the finish line first). I’m also looking at Death Plague again, since now we know a little more about the Takers, ┬áso that might pop up among my published works in the future as well. I can’t give you a word count on Death Plague, but so far I’ve written about 25,000 words on it.

Unrelated releases:

There are two other short stories – about 15,000 words that are about to be released. These are for the Chronicles put out by Samuel Peralta. I’ve contributed four pieces to these bundles by now, the next ones coming up are Not Quite Her which is a story about a shapeshifter. Then Anthea Sharpe who created the Feyland series organised for some authors to write in her world, and since I have a bent for the whimsical world of fairy stories, I wrote a story called Glitchy Goblin for her.

I’ve also been working on a new urban fantasy series on the far side, developing a plot line for what I want to be another sprawling fantasy series (set in the current world) just like the healers one. I’m not sure if I’ll launch it under a pen name, if so, the pen name will be Kylie Colt which is very similar to my K. J. Colt one so you won’t have trouble finding it. (I promise to let you know on this website if it eventuates anytime soon).

So never fear, I’m writing my toosh off and you’ll have plenty to read very soon. In the meantime check out the Chronicle series by Samuel, I promise you’ll find some excellent reads in some of those volumes. In the recent Doomsday release I wrote a piece called Rmemebering Hannah. Which is about a pandemic virus which mimics the long term progression of Alzheimers but in about 10 days. It’s written first person and it’s a combination of one mans journey into his psyche as he suffers from white matter degradation.

Have a great week! I’ll V-log as soon as I feel less messy.


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