Healers’ World Book Layout

Hello everyone, I’m into the last round of the Savage revisions, and I wanted to say that I’m now writing the series as novels rather than novellas. I’m about to go back and rewrite Bear Heart as a novel also. This brings me to an important point, the timeline of the world and how it relates to each series.

So far I have 14 books planned in the healers world. Savage will be the 7th book currently published in the Healers’ world. At the end of book 6 in the Klawdia series, Frozen Huntress (the first draft is already written) the perspective of the world shifts to Adenine’s perspective. And at the end of the Healers series, we’ll be seeing two first-person, and opposing, perspectives narrating the world.

So here is the layout:

Klawdia series:
Book 1: Wild (Formally Bear Heart)
Book 2: Refuge
Book 3: Savage (October 2016 release)
Book 4: —
Book 5: —
Book 6: Frozen Huntress

Healers of Meligna
Book: 1 Concealed Power
Book: 2 Blood Healing
Book 3: Blood Sacrifice
Book 4: Forsaken Power
Book: 5 — (The Queen of Arcania is a title I’m considering)

The Princesses of Arcania
Book: 1 —
Book: 2 —
Book: 3 —

Depending on how well the Princesses of Arcania does in terms of popularity, there may be more than three books.


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