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To my wonderful readers,

As authors like myself move away from traditional publishing houses, and take the full responsibility of both writing and marketing, we need the support of our readers now more than ever. The divide between reader and author has been removed. I’m more accessible to my readership and audience now more than ever. Especially on Facebook.

You can support me by participating in my secret group on Facebook The Guild: You can enter clicking HERE!

If you’re interested in getting to know me better, I post about all kinds of weird, quirky, amusing, and yes political things on my private FB. Don’t be shy, add me as a friend on FB HERE!

For a more books oriented general feed, which just the highlights, I recommend liking my page HERE!

But please do all three!

Boy,’ you’re thinking. ‘That’s a lot of places to join.’

That’s true, but that’s how you see my promotions, my progress, you get insight into my books, how I feel about characters, why I write them how I do. Sometimes I ask for names, cover ideas, and of course, you’ll know what promotions I’m writing. Without readers, I wouldn’t be able to continue as a full time author.

Right now I’m working 15 hours a day to get books out in the following months. I think about my readers, what they want, how they want the story to end. Who deserves justice, who deserves mercy. I read all your reviews, listen to your comments, and write my books with that in mind. You’re big part of the process.

If that doesn’t convince you! 🙂 Sometimes I give books away at random. Signed paper back books.

I hope you’ll join me, say hello, and tell me what you think about my books. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your faithful author,


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