Update on Blood War (February 3rd)

Well hello to the few people who check this page. I love you guys!

I decided to write you an update, because yes, there’s something worth mentioning. Next week I will be revealing the cover of the fifth book of the healers series: Blood War, and its synopsis. I am 22% through the revisions at the moment, and they’re going well. I’m very happy with the story, and once it’s polished, will be delighted to share it with you all.

I’m hoping for an early March release date. And at the same time I also hope to reveal another surprise of equal awesomeness. Until then, fantastic things are coming, and I’m flat out working.

My fingers are sore from typing 15 hours a day. I’m disheveled and in desperate need of doing a load of laundry. Perhaps one day when a a few hundred thousand people have read my books I will be able to afford an assistant. It’s a race against time. For this year, I remain a full time writer, and committed to getting as many books out as possible.

So watch this space.

Bye for now.


Oh, and if you want to send me thoughts of encouragement, please write to me at KylieJColt@gmail.com it’s amazing how much it helps to spur me on knowing you enjoy my work. So please write.

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