Dominion Rising’s Success

Dear Readers,

I’ve been a little absent of late, but for very good reason.

Are you ready?

The Dominion Rising boxed set just sold its 28,000th book!!! And I’m a little overwhelmed.

Death Plague: The exciting prequel to my books of Arcania is now before all those thousands of eyes. That’s both utterly thrilling, and terrifying. I’ve been here before in the past but you never get used to it. It’s like being a singer and finally, you get to sing to a football stadium audience. Yup, scary.

I wanted to explain why I’ve been absent with videos and blog posts.

I’ve worked so hard to get Death Plague finished for this boxed set. Unforseen circumstances meant I slept in 3 hour shifts around the clock for a week! I was rising at 3am, going into my office,  forcing myself to wake up then getting to work. I’d work through the entire day until 9pm then sleep again (sometimes I napped). I barely stopped for food or to shower (I had to get this book done).

What was the unforeseen circumstance?

A very dear friend of mine, Tom, passed just after I published Forsaken Power. He wasn’t just my best friend, he was my editor, a confidant, and one of the only people who I bantered with regularly. He had a good heart, worked hard, his life had so much value. Then, suddenly, at age 25, his heart gave out.

The grief hit me like a brick wall. I was burnt out from getting my latest book published, my partner had been away for weeks and I was missing him, and then my editor and best friend died. He was there at almost every stage of my writing over the past 3-4 years. When I became a USA Today Bestseller, when I hit my first 100,000 sales. And he was the one who pitched me to the Dominion Rising boxed set people when one of the original members left… I took their place. I’m in Dominion Rising because of him.

To write Death Plague through that pit of black grief is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done, but I had wonderful support from the boxed set runners, Gwynn and PK Tyler, and from a bunch of my indie and reader friends.

Onto brighter things.

This week I find out whether I’ve hit the New York Times list and the USA Today list. I can’t begin to explain how thrilling all of this is. I’m not just here because I write, I’m also here because people read what I write.

Cross your fingers for me. To be a New York Times bestseller has been my greatest dream for a decade.

Take Care of yourselves, dear readers. Choose paths of happiness, live in the moments, and be grateful for everything around you. Life is a wondrous thing if you give it a chance!

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