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USA Today bestselling author Kylie J. Colt has a restlessness in her heart that drivers her to write and create. Sometimes she extracts, what she believes to be, already existing stories swirling about in the recesses of her mind. At other times though she has to consciously construct plot lines and characters.

“As far back as I can remember I was enraptured with other worlds and other lives regardless of whether they were fiction or not. As a child I had trouble separating fantasy from reality and as I developed that ability, as all adults do, I retained my ability to immerse myself in the unreal.Thank goodness.

From the age of 4 I was listening to books on tape. As I aged I became engrossed in novels such as Nancy Drew, Famous Five, Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden and Goosebumps books – I read them all. Reading is my preferred activity although I loved movies such as The Dark Crystal, Star Wars, The Labyrinth, Fantasia, The Neverending Story, Willow, Alice in Wonderland, The Princess Bride, Jack the Giant Killer, The Chronicles of Narnia and Watership Down. It makes sense then that my genre of choice is fantasy fiction. The flexibility, the ability to create everything wholly and completely by twisting our already existing worlds, that’s what impassions me most about fantasy.

Now, I gravitate towards all types of fantasy movies, and even anime. The works of Hayao Miyazaki are a constant source of inspiration. The way he brings beauty and feeling to animated pictures is breath-taking, and I hope one day I can inspire HALF of that level of feeling through words in my readers. Some of my favourite animes include: Spirited Away, Ponyo, From up on Poppy Hill Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighour Totoro, Moribito, 12 Kingdoms, Claymore, Blood +, Death Note etc.

I sometimes use music to inspire mood. ‘Wonder’ is the emotion I work best with in fantasy writing, but sometimes my characters need darker evocations so in those moments I might listen to Evanescence and Nine Inch Nails, classical piano or violin music (preferably cello). But I also listen to The Presets, George, Muse, George Winston, David Nevue, Jennifer Thomas, Pendulum, Massive Attack, lots of vocal trance and basically any solo classical music I can get my hands on. I play the piano which is the instrument that affects me most in terms of manipulating my mood.”

Kylie likes to dabble in sci-fi, chic-lit, and mystery, but she always comes back to fantasy. She enjoys having her characters explore issues of morality and philosophy without dragging the reader down.

“When I’m not writing, I’m looking to my environment to provide inspiration for my next story. And in this marvelous and curios world we live in, inspiration is abundant. I LOVE to create and I’m happiest when my mind is immersed in my creative process. I’m not just thinking about my characters, or the world they live in, or the events that occur. I’m thinking about what will affect my readers most. What will shock them, make them anticipate, laugh, and fall in love with the characters on the page.

Writing is a hard gig to live off, but I am determined to become the best writer I can be, and hopefully what follows is that I can support myself from my craft so I can spend even more time doing what I love: creating stories. In the future the support of my readers will be crucial to me and I hope I can make them happy.”


Other things Kylie is interested in:

Philosophy, long walks through bushland and forests, critical thinking (about anything), helping people solve problems, exploring, museums, theater, swimming, camping, going music festivals (usually favour electronica), going to festivals in general, kayaking, spending days at the beach, yoga, meditation, zoos (I love ALL animals).


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  1. verasilver August 14, 2012 at 11:15 am Reply

    This is a lovely bio. I completely share your ideal life! Just being able to do writing, that I love, and people liking my stories.

    Best of luck to you!


  2. SJ O'Hart October 5, 2012 at 6:59 am Reply

    All I can say is – I think you and me are on the same page. This is a wonderful introduction to you as a person and as a writer, and I wish you the best of luck. I’m looking forward to cheering you towards success! SJ

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