Where Are All The Good Writers’ WordPress Themes?

For some time now I’ve been looking for a good wordpress theme. While I’m enjoying my wordpress.com freebie, I want something more professional.

I’ve been to template monster, and most of those templates are pretty generic. Really, I want a theme with this list of components.

– Static social media sidebar.

– Good and clean display of published books and their links/prices.

– Page views list.

-Countdown timer to next release of book.

– Blogging area.

– Nice artistic layout … I’m quite a fan of this one as a rough idea (it’s just not very functional).

I’d also like a changing ad area that promotes other books that I enjoy. I’d also like a nice contact page that’s well spaced and has clean colours.

Maybe I just need to use an alternative format to WordPress to end up happy with a website design.

(Please excuse typos, untidy writing, it’s 2 hours past my bedtime)

Visual Art For My Novel

All these pictures are from deviant art and remain the property of the creator.

Adenine Aged Twelve Wandering The Woods (Early on in the novel)







The True Adenine (Later in the first novel)

Repeat After Me Writers, ‘I Will Be Patient.’

As much as I hate having to wait, telling myself to be patient today has become a lifesaver. This afternoon, while sitting in the first peak of warm sun since June, I had to completely re-write and plot my chapter four. I just kept beating myself up with the hard questions.

How does this advance the plot?
Can I live without this part?
Why is this character in here?
Will my readers find this section engaging?

And so on and so forth *bats head with a mallet*

Why is it so disheartening to come across a chapter in your first draft that needs a complete overhaul? (more…)

Blogs Are Bad For Writers

Look, I think there’s common wisdom out there that’s incorrect and I have one particular instance of common wisdom in mind.

That writers need to keep a blog.

And here I am ignoring my own intuition. Seriously, I keep a blog for me, not for anyone else. The reason I do this is because I want to keep track of my progress in the writing world. I also need to vent sometimes and well, writing this blog helps.

I’ve made a long term commitment, said my vows, been on the honeymoon and now the reality is setting in.

Writing. Is. Hard.

And these types of realisations are important to keep track of, right? I mean, imagine five years from now, what would you have learned about writing? What sorts of experiences would you want to reflect on?

So why are blogs bad for writers?


I’m an Unpublished Author, so why do I have a Blog?

Let’s face it, most of you following my blogs, or reading my posts don’t know me. I haven’t done anything spectacular, I haven’t published one book yet, and I’m not an expert on writing.

Yet everyone keeps insisting that if I’m a writer with intention to publish, I need a blog.

So, I guess all I can post about is either ‘things about my personal life (not that exciting) and uneventful writing career events (also not that exciting)’, or ‘things I’m learning as I go through the novel-writing/editing/publishing phase’.

I guess writing this stuff is important too. But I’m on Twitter and I have followed over three hundred authors and they’re all publishing similar content. Some of those authors are amateurs, a few are making a living out of writing and have years and years of publishing experience. But they’re the minority.

So it comes back to the question: Should only experts publish about writing topics? Are amateur authors keeping blogs to try inflate their egos and produce unearned fandom?

Read more of my amateur thoughts here