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Yes, I am talking about the stack of books balanced on my head.

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The Loneliest Job In The World

Lonelyyyy, I am so lonelyyy…*sings*

You should be very grateful that singing in text doesn’t affect your ears 🙂 Although playing that back in ‘text to voice’ mode is quite amusing 🙂

Hrmmm I seem to emote more when I’m exhausted 🙂 😛 😮 :S. Interesting. Anyway, onwards…

As I was saying, writing is the loneliest job in the world. Well, maybe that’s ‘pre-published’ writing. I know, you can go to writer’s festivals, go to book clubs and join your local writer’s club. But when you’re doing that you’re not writing.

When you talk about your story to a friend, they either show a lot of interest adding their own spin on your carefully considered and nurture plot lines *ick*, *Cough* You really want to read more? Weirdo.

Chapter Progression

Chapter eight has begun — half way through now 🙂

Chapter seven was very difficult to write and I’ve found my 8000 words a day writing speed is slowing. I’m trying to remember the different threads I’ve begun in the book so I can continue them in later chapters. To help myself I went online, bought ‘stick-it’ notes,  and now intend to make myself a little ‘book-shrine-wall’.

Onwards into the unknown

Note To Self

Pay attention to ‘notes to self’.

Food That Writers Should Be Eating

This is a weird post.


I’m showing you a picture of my lunch. Pre-digested thankfully!

Cup and a half of vegies, cooked in water (in a fry pan, half a cup of water should be enough (comes out like steamed vegies)) and of course, fish. I’m having Basa, if you’re new at the ‘fish’ thing, which you SHOULD be a pro at, I suggest salmon, or something exotic and overly expensive to get you excited. I get excited about Basa. I’m a simple girl.

Why Fish?

Seriously, if you don’t know ‘Why fish?’, you NEED to read on