Adenine’s Impasse

Chapter Six Finished — Nine Chapters to Go
Everyone Adenine trusts, everyone she loves has been lying to her. And now she must make the hardest decision of her life. What she is gifted with is the very thing she fears most. In order to help people she must overcome her fears, in order to move on with her life she must forgive those that stole her childhood. She must hide, she must run, she must learn to fight and survive or else her life will be taken away from her and her worst nightmare will become her prison.

Unhappy Protagonist

Chapter Five.

It’s been a while since Adenine, my protagonist, has felt angry and rejected. Time for some angst? I think so.

Here’s a picture to demonstrate how she’s feeling.



Picture by ChrisBonney — I own no rights to this picture.

Disjointed Utterings

Writing is my companion. It is there when I’m sad. It is there when I’m thoughtful. It is there when I’m happy. My characters speak to me and compel me to write their stories. I am filled with their feelings, their perceptions and I realise just how different I am from them. I realise how different we all are from each other and it makes me see the human condition in terms of differences and similarities. In terms of love and hate and fear and hope…they are what drives every protagonist I’ve had the fortune to write.

Fear and hope: the stick and the carrot.

My Cynical Writing Process

Write a chapter.

Hate everything about that chapter.

Leave it for two days.

Re-read chapter.

Be pleasantly surprised and happy about the quality of writing and where the story is headed.

Edit a little to make sure the content is up to scratch and the sentences are smooth.

Write next chapter.

Rinse and repeat.

Sitting is Evil

Alright, I’ve now turned my unfit, overweight-person friendly office into a pro-standing zone. I’ve put my computer screen and keyboard/mouse up onto a large box and am now standing at my computer. I realised that I’ve been spending many years just sitting all day. Well not anymore. I’m by no means overweight, but I do feel unfit and even when I exercise I find it easy to slide into that ‘unfit’ zone again.

Be gone evil sit-at desks. Be gone bad-circulation. I am making a stand for all those writers and home office workers out there. Stand and save your health!