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You are the ten winners of Concealed Power, Blood Healing, and Blood Sacrifice.

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Today I hit publish on Blood Sacrifice. The next book in the series will conclude the quartet… that is unless my fans demand more. Here is the blurb for Blood Sacrifice.


With the threat of the Queens’ army increasing, only blood healing can save South Senya. Adenine continues her journey alone, encountering constant danger and tragic loss. Clutching at the strands of her sanity, Adenine barely makes it to Juxon City where the king proves untrustworthy and hostile.

The Queens quickly destroy all Adenine’s hope for the kingdom of Senya. Under their rule, the people are doomed. She has allies, but they are too few to take back the city. The only one who can challenge the Queens is the emperor of Bivinia: a monster responsible for the deaths of hundreds of healers. She must convince him to invade Senya, replacing one evil for another. 


Cover Reveal! Death Plague, coming soon.

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Update on Blood Sacrifice and Death Plague