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The Loneliest Job In The World

Lonelyyyy, I am so lonelyyy…*sings* You should be very grateful that singing in text doesn’t affect your ears šŸ™‚ Although… Continue reading »

Chapter Progression

Chapter eight has begun — half way through now šŸ™‚ Chapter seven was very difficult to write and I’ve found… Continue reading »

Adenine’s Impasse

Chapter Six Finished — Nine Chapters to Go Everyone Adenine trusts, everyone she loves has been lying to her. And… Continue reading »

Disjointed Utterings

Writing is my companion. It is there when Iā€™m sad. It is there when Iā€™m thoughtful. It is there when… Continue reading »

My Cynical Writing Process

Write a chapter. Hate everything about that chapter. Leave it for two days. Re-read chapter. Be pleasantly surprised and happy… Continue reading »