The Healers of Meligna

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“There was an illness much worse than anything I had ever seen, and that was the sickness of my country.”

Fourteen year old Adenine is blind and isolated in her small attic bedroom. The last carrier of the Death Plague — that wiped out thousands of her country’s people twenty-five years ago — she must avoid contact with the outside world.

When her mother fails to bring her food Adenine begins to starve. Driven by her hunger, Adenine ventures into the house discovering her mother bedridden and sick. Despite her terror of infecting others, Adenine fumbles her way onto the streets of Borrelia in search of the town’s doctor.

Soon, she is surrounded by new friends… and enemies she never knew existed. Adenine’s mother is keeping dark secrets, her friends are lying to her and when threats arise she must decide who to trust.


How I came to write the book:

The idea for the Healers of Meligna series came to me while I was at the doctor’s office for my annual check-up. An impression imprinted on my mind, and I realised I wanted to write something controversial, yet still in the genre of Epic Fantasy. I wanted to build a world full of loveable characters, and interesting societies, that when forced together, create conflict and tension based on differences of beliefs, rather than alluding to cliches of good and evil.

I knew I would write this story from a first-person perspective. I’m a very heady/analytical type of person, and have a keen interest in psychology, so I like to bring my readers really close to the main character. I want you to feel my protagonist’s highs and lows. In Concealed Power, when Adenine is perplexed, I want you, my readers, to care as much as she does about finding a resolution. I want your eyes to be glued to the pages until you’ve discovered, through her, the answers to all enigmas.

As I was writing the story I found myself playing games with my readers. When a book lacks swordfight and fire breathing dragons (although you might find aspects of this in the future books in the series), the author must create intrigue and mystery like a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple novel. The reader should be guessing ahead, thinking about the future and sorting through the clues to answer the book’s questions.

This series has changed me as a writer. It’s helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses as an author, while constantly challenging my tenacity (I spend a great deal of time scratching my head over the plot).

While I’ve written stories before, none of them have seen the light of day, but this story wanted to be published. It has its own life force that on rare occasion, has moved me to tears (especially towards the end of the second book that I’m writing right now). This story wanted to be written and I hope that you get something from reading it.

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    want the rest of healers book -love them-thanks ebooks

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